JES Mallorca offers vacations that you can change at any time!


“JES Mallorca is a small tour organization that offers tours on Mallorca. We, the team of JES Mallorca, are real Mallorca fans that discovered the love of the island with the motorcycle & boat tours. Our specialty is organizing personal motorcycle tours”

Motorcycle tours on unique locations


Under our guidance we let you get to know Mallorca like you never thought of. JES Mallorca creates tours for you that can be changed at any time. If you had something else in mind for the next day we can discuss this under the pleasure of a cup of coffee and realize this for you. Per motorcycle or boat on a combined way, no problem.

JES Mallorca

Put together your personal vacation on an active or relaxed way.

Travelling on Mallorca

Tramuntana mountains

A unknown variation of tours on Mallorca. West of the Tramuntana mountains. East the bathing spots and in the middle the Randa mountains. North Formentor and South Palma.

Collage Motor & Boat JES-Mallorca

Our history

The team of JES Mallorca has been visiting Mallorca for more than 35 years. We think the island is beautiful every way possible. Motorcycling on Mallorca is amazing because it is a varied landscape because of its mountains and coast lines. We are fanatic motorcyclists and have already driven through a lot of Mallorca, Europe and America.

From surfing, sailing and boat trips on the island for years, we have all experienced it. Because of this our fascination for the island has only grown. Mallorca is like a home for us in a beautiful peaceful and relaxing surroundings. That is where activity and rest can be combined without trouble.

At last JES Mallorca will offer you small organized or put together vacations. This way we can transfer our enthusiasm for organizing motorcycling tours on Mallorca to you.

We hope to greet you for a great and adventurous vacation on Mallorca at the team of JES Mallorca

Jos von Villers

Why JES Mallorca?


The best quality for the right price. Enjoy your best vacation ever at JES Mallorca, we know what you want and how to please your needs.


Passion and knowledge of the island. All of this combined with a mapped vacation and the possibility to fill in the details!


With us you go on a tour with a safe feeling. Knowledge of the surroundings and people, with us you can go on vacation with a confidential feeling!


JES Mallorca offers to pick you up and bring you from and to the airport. Our motorcycle tours are organized to perfection and in accordance with your wishes.